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Graphic designer and facilitator · UX designer and design thinker

Starting from performing design as craftmanship, later added a Master’s degree in design I pursue design and design management using a holistic and humancentred approach on challenges and wicked problems. Working across disciplines and organisations I urge to involve all actors and perspectives to find solutions to losen the hard knot and maybe even solve the problem.

From innate curiosity and pragmatic view I ask questions, set up scenarios and keep saying ”what if …” The way and the methods depend on the starting point and the actors’ profiles. Design thinking, design processes, UX design, graphic facilitation, graphic design and prototyping are the headlines.

Working integrated in IT projects. Participating in research and uncovering possibilities, ideas and innovation. Synthesizing data into insights, guidelines and specification (e.g. personas, customer journey maps, identification of customers’ and business’ needs). Iteratively designing and refining solutions through prototypes and designreviewing in collaboration with IT developers.

Career and projects

2007-, Annabir (owner). Graphic and strategic design. Winner of challenge at CoConference 2019 and 2020. Working with Roskilde Municipality and specialized in waste and recycling units. Clients also count the general housing association Boligselskabet Sjælland, the engineering consultancy company Sweco and SMEs such as IT companies, entrepreneurs and authors. Collaboration with Crone Consulting on strategy and management.

January 2022, Ringsted Municipality

Graphic facilitation. Visualizing the tasks and jobs in a specific department of Ringsted Municipality in an illustrated overview. Illustrating conflicts, challenges and prioritation.The illustration was used to introduce the department to the new municipal committee the was set after the municipal elections in november 2021. The team’s challenge was to introduce the large number of tasks, responsibilities and jobs in a very short time. 

December 2021, Guldborgsund Municipality

Graphic facilitation. Attending a fullday workshop as graphic facilitator for leaders in day care. Visualizing presentations, exercies and discussions through illustrations. After the workshop I digitalised the illustrations to help the participants remember the findings and decisions from the day.

May 2021, Green Building Council Denmark

Design manager, UX design, graphic facilitation, graphic design. Green Building Council publish a manual (DGNB) for certifying sustainable building – 478 pages. A user expressed a need for an online version and I contacted the nonprofit organisation. The digital project included an intern workshop, developing a structure/information architecture, user workshop, converting insights into wireframes and finally UI.

Nov 2020, Winner at CoConference2020 Rockwool’s challenge: Challenge the huge and textual manual

Design management, facilitating workshop, UX and graphic design. ANNABIR sketched the framework for  a digital instruction. Intuitive and with only few words. The instruction that neither speaks up nor down to the users. The trained user can find information where needed and the untrained will be followed all the way. The handyman who wants to diy should not be left with a feeling that it is too complicated. In the same online instruction, the skilled carpenter should not be annoyed by the level of details. The digital solution is videos and overviews gathered in an interactive guide. Steps allow you to stop, skip or find in-depth explanations. ANNABIR was teamed up with KirtXThomsen, who handled 3D development and video recording.


Nov 2019 – May 2020, Vejle Spildevand (waste water supply)

Graphic facilitation and collaboration with Crone Consulting on converting workshop insights into business strategy. Playing an active role in strategy workshops and debriefing with executive management.

A process through 4 months with all employees involved both all together and in smaller groups. The graphic illustrations I made on the workshop worked both as a catalyst for discussions and dialogue on the workshop, and afterwards as summary of the workshop. I gathered inputs, challenges and thoughts after each workshop  and created with the illustrations a new base for the next workshop. This way we had a

visibility of the progress and levels in the process, and the individual employee could recognize own input and identify the results.



Nov 2019, Winner at CoConference2019 in Boligselskabet Sjælland’s (BOSJ)* challenge in collaboration with Affaldskontoret**: Sorting waste easy and efficient in all homes

UX, design management, graphic facilitation, graphic design. The overall objective is to integrate a new mindset being consistent and persistent through actual solutions, gamification and support.

The solution is based on collaboration with janitors, social teams and of course the tenants.

The project was kicked off mid September 2020 with qualitative research interviewing (semi structured) tenants, janitors and committees in two different residential areas to identify pain points. Despite visor and distance we reached a response rate at 45%. Next step was to synthesize data into insights and concepts to change mindset and activity in the tenants’ everyday life.

We closed the project in december 2021 and delivered insights and recommendations to both BOSJ and Roskilde Municipality. Spring 2022 we will follow up on our reccomendations and if neccesary ensure they will be activated.


* Zealand general housing association

** Experts in waste and advisers for boards and municipalities. Now a part of the company Niras.

Nov 2016, Kolding Municipality

Graphic facilitator on leadership workshop in collaboration with Crone Consulting. Ten hours with focused discussions and dialogue. Mapping the leadership of today, what can and  will be done differently in the future.

Sep 2007 – Jun 2019, Roskilde Municipality 

Collaboration through more than 10 years with Roskilde Municipality. Some of the tasks and projects are listed below.

Visual responsible and graphic designer. Waste and Recycling: “Skidt-er-godt” (bad/trash is good), and following developing the visual communication.

Visual adviser and designer on projects in other departments and centers in Roskilde Municipality: concepts, campaigns, outdoor media, signage, project logos, ads, booklets, folders, magazines e.g. staff news.

UX designer and facilitator on workshops to develop roskilde.dk version 2008 e.g UX and information architecture. Developing design and templates. UX and graphic design on future developing and new features (until 2013) in collaboration with Communication in Roskilde Municipality.

Co-facilitator and designer on innovation project “1-entrance” – a solution for discovering and supporting young people (16-25 years old) who are troubled when finding their way through education and adult life. Graphic illustration of customer journey maps and personas to present the concept to the city council.

2014 – 2019, Boligselskabet Sjælland (Zealand general housing association)

Graphic and UX designer. Visual and graphic layout for bosj.dk and following development through updated information architecture and new features. Graphic illustration of strategy and focus areas.

Designer and visual responsible on developing line of ads with 6 different ”what-if”-scenarios.

2016-2018, High Schools in Roskilde.

Graphic designer. Developing visual design both on- and offline for the recruitment of new students on STX and HF in Roskilde. A cooperation between the 3 high schools in Roskilde: Himmelev Gymnasium, Roskilde Gymnasium and Roskilde Katedralskole. The challenge was to create a design that embraced the three schools equally and to use colours and graphics that could not refer to any of them.

2009 – 2016, Fors / Roskilde Forsyning (Supply: heat, water and waste water)

Design management, UX design. Adviser and “interpreter” on developing roskilde-forsyning.dk (active until the aggregation to Fors in 2016), UX design and defining structure and co-responsible for choice of IT provider. Developing graphic design and templates. Following design review during and after implementation. 

Graphic design. Visual design 2010 for Roskilde Forsyning. Graphic design for  ads, presentations.

Developing templates for signs, booklets and folders. Visual for clothing, materiel and merchandise. Design for strategy workshops and introduction. Developing templates and teaching users in graphical applications.

Developing graphic icon set for defects in installations (Driftweb) in collaboration with operations manager at Fors and IT developers at Sweco. 

2007 – , Sweco (engineering consultancy company).

Graphic design and UI/information architecture for it-systems such as Arealinformation, RenoWeb and Spatial Suite. Customizing clients’ visual identity in standard apps, e.g. Giv-et-praj (Tell-us) – an app that lets citizens send a message to the municipality if they find broken asphalt or signs, dark streetlights etc.

2015-2017, Agile Akademiet. Developing logo and layout for agileakademiet.dk 

Ugilic provides courses in agile leadership. Agileakademiet lived for a couple of years, then Ugilic decided to integrate the site in their company site.

2017, Rullesport Danmark. Winner of logo competition for the new organization.

Rullesport Danmark is an organization for all skaters and skateboarders in Denmark.

2012 – 2013, FOF’s Sekretariat (provider of leisure courses). Logo redesign and new visual rollout. Holding internal lecture on graphic design and applications.

2011, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (danish organization fighting cancer). Graphic design for the 10 lotteries each lottery contained the envelope, a letter, a 4-page leaflet, and finally a healthy recipe, a contest or some good advice on beating cancer.

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